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Hey there momma,


I want to empower you to be strong and confident in your body in all stages of mom-life. 

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Are you...

Realizing there's a WHOLE lot of "can't" and not enough "can" when it comes to exercise in pregnancy (and... well... everything else)?

Feeling strange and uncomfortable in your post-baby body?

Confused about what exercises are safe for your body right now?

Struggling to find the time and energy to exercise on top of mom-life?

 Seeking a strong and empowered pregnancy, labor, and birth?

 Ready to feel strong, confident, and badass in your momma bod?


I'm with you, momma. I will help you find the strength and power to be confident in your body with exercise programs designed specifically for your awesome, baby-making body that fit into your busy life. And if you're looking to take that strength with you through labor and birth, I will help you take that power with you all the way through "B" day!



Weeks of Pregnancy

Nine (ten) whole months of changes, little freak outs, kicks, and heartburn. Aches and pains can come with those changes, staying strong can help you mentally and physically deal with them while prepping your bod for labor and birth. 



Labor and Birth

The time is here! All the nerves lead up to this moment. While you can't predict everything that happens, you can go into it with a strong mind, information, and (more than one) plan. Your birth team is a vital part of helping you keep your little birth bubble feeling strong and empowered. 



Months Postpartum

So they let you leave with a tiny person who doesn't sleep... what now? All the focus may shift to that tiny human and you may be itching to get back to normal, but hold up momma! Your body and mind still need some love. Bodies are really rad and go through some incredible changes to birth a baby, your return to exercise should support those changes. 


Hi, I'm Madison.

I love talking about all things exercise, pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I've learned from some of the best, but I've also been through this whole shebang a few times. 

I'm here to help you find your strength in this thing called mom-life. 


More About Me


"A woman should be 3 things: intelligent, strong, and badass."

- r.h. sin

As a mom myself, I understand how hard it all can be. From growing a baby to birthing to navigating the postpartum feels, it can be SO exhausting. The last thing you want to have on your plate is how and what to do or not do when you're exercising or consult Dr. Google for the latest studies on {insert all the birth and newborn questions here}. Sometimes the guidelines and to don't lists are too much and not enough all at the same time! Chill out, momma. From core and floor safe exercise programming, online and in-person, to labor and birth support, I've got your back. 


Strong Like a Mom Online Coaching

Strong Like a Mom is a strictly online group coaching program. You'll get workouts specifically designed for your body throughout pregnancy and postpartum as well as an awesome group of women to look to for support. This program was designed with the busy mom in mind, so workouts are short, effective, and core and floor safe. 

In-person coaching

For the mommas who prefer their self-care AWAY from their tiny humans, in-person coaching is available by appointment only. Private or semi-private sessions are a great way to escape the little ones while getting that attention to detail in your workout that only a coach can provide.

Birth Doula services

So many women view their birth experience as something that just happened, including myself. Preparing for the marathon of labor and delivery is half the battle. Make sure part of your preparations include birth support to help you and your partner run the marathon of birth together.

Group Fitness

Grab your momma tribe and come on! Madison's Mommas group fitness is always growing and a super fun way to get your gym on with your friends or your tots. Click above for class times. 


The workouts feel great! I feel like I'm doing things that are helping with everyday life. And I feel energized the rest of the day. 

Tiffany W., Strong Like a Mom Ambassador



So.... Are You In?

Ready to be strong as a mother?

Let's do this. 


Strong Like a Mom

Are you looking for a routine that fits into your busy mom life? 

Struggling with diastasis recti or incontinence and tired of trying to make exercises "safe"?

Looking for a tribe of moms who just get it? 

I get it, that's why I created Strong Like a Mom. From pregnancy through newly postpartum and into the toddler and fournager years, it just fits into your mom-life.


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For more information, scheduling, or just to drop me a line.

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